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Write your New Story this summer, at magnificent Possidi.

The beautiful little village of Possidi located right after Fourka on the southwestern part of the peninsula of Kassandra at Halkidiki. It is 105km from Thessaloniki and 92km from the Airport.

This delightful and picturesque village and its location offers to guests breathtaking views, green landscape filled with pines and olive trees, caves and wetlands, beautiful beaches with crystal waters, rose-colored sunsets and a glimpse of the ancient Greek civilization.

Possidi is a very popular destination during the summer period. Besides its natural beauties it has quite a range of small shops, beach bars, small typical tavernas and restaurants where you can taste fresh seafood and drink local wine or enjoy refreshing cocktails.

In a short distance from Possidi you can visit and revive yourself in Agia Paraskevi village, famous for its thermal springs with their therapeutic qualities. Nea Skioni, a coastal fishermen village, spread along a sandy coast and surrounded by beautiful nature. Siviri an amphitheatrically built village, known for the Kassandra music festival and the theatrical plays held every summer. Or the beach at ’’Skala” of Fourka which has golden pure sand with crystal waters.

Poseidi or Possidi was named in the honor of the greek God “Poseidon”, the ruins of the ancient temple of Poseidon are located at the tip of a small peninsula jetting out into the west. From there you can gaze at the horizon and see the majestic Olympus mountain, the house of the Gods.

Famous landmark of Possidi is the cape, a narrow, treeless strip of land that goes deep into Thermaikos Gulf. There you can find the famous lighthouse, the only building at the edge of the Possidi cape, built in 1863. A perfect place to watch the rose-colored sunset disappear behind Mount Olympus and of course take some photos.

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